Pediatric Compounding

Compounding pharmacies aren’t just for adults. Due to our ability to customize the creation of your medication, we’re able to specially design compounds suitable to your child’s specific complaint and weight. Do you have a child who dislikes taking their medication? Are there unpleasant side-effects from their medication that seem to almost make the cure worse than the concern? Your compounding pharmacist can help you with all of these issues to ensure your child gets the medicine they need and are able to experience its greatest benefits.

Overcoming Poor Tasting Medicine

The unpleasant taste of many medications stands as a central reason why it can be difficult to get children to take them consistently. Medication is a combination of specific compounds with carefully selected properties that all work together. This means that any additive that improves the flavor must be carefully considered so that it doesn’t disrupt the effectiveness of the medication. Your pharmacist can create a compound your child will enjoy taking without impacting how well it works.


Forgetting to take medication can mean a decline in effectiveness or even potential unpleasant side-effects. While you can oversee their medication use at home, you can’t keep an eye on them when they’re at school or visiting a friend. In some cases, medication can be formulated to be slow-release, reducing the individual doses needed and eliminating the need for mid-day dosing. This also prevents concerns with your child taking medication to school or other places that it may get lost, stolen, or cause other complications.

Proper Dosage

It’s not uncommon for traditional medication to need to be cut down to be of the appropriate size for your child’s weight. At a compounding pharmacy, you can have their dosages created in sizes that are right for their weight without the need for cutting them later. This ensures that there’s no mess, no medication is lost, and that you get the right dose every time.

Dosage Form

One of the common complaints of parents with children taking medication is the gastro-intestinal issues that can result from taking pills. Certain medications can be created in a transdermal form that ensures your child won’t experience any stomach or bowel discomfort from taking their medication. 

Infant Medication

Giving an infant oral medication can be unpleasant for both the parent and the child. The taste can result in their attempting to spit most of it out, making it difficult to know if they have received a proper dosage. Transdermal or rectal suppository options help to resolve this issue, ensuring proper dosage every time.

 If you have further questions about ways our clinic can provide for your child’s pharmaceutical needs, call today. Our compounding staff is here to help you understand how compounding can help your family, and to be certain that your child gets the most out of their medication. Don’t fight with unpleasant tasting medicines, frequent dosages, or stomach concerns from medication any longer. Call today, and we’ll tell you what we can do to help your family!